One learns from books and example only that certain things can be done. Actual learning requires that you do those things.
— Frank Herbert, 'Children of Dune'

the pivotal pelvis


For laymen, health- & movement professionals

The pivotal pelvis is a course aimed at exploring pelvic health from a specific model ‘©the pelvic hub’ (based on the bicycle wheel), that looks at everything from our different body-systems to the larger socio-cultural and environmental systems that we are a part of. Many of us have a very limited understanding of our pelvic region, how it functions and is impacted by the world around us, and even less understanding of what to do when this region doesn’t function the way we need it to. This workshop is inspired by knowledge developed from years of working – and living – with the human body and the pelvis, combined with an enhanced understanding of the body and pelvis informed by in-depth dissection studies.

1 day

the pelvic pothole


For health- & movement professionals

The pelvis has been neglected for a long time in healthcare and rehabilitation. This course will cover female pelvic anatomy based on dissections, function and clinical experience; particular focus will be given to fascia as an important component of the whole. Pelvic anatomy is not as it seems in many anatomy books, and we will look at what this means for our work with clients. This course is for all who want to know more about the pelvis and fascia, and not only those working with pelvic dysfunction. The pelvis is intricately connected to the rest of the body, and we will look at how it can be a part of understanding dysfunction in other parts of the body.

1 day

the painful pelvis


For physiotherapists

The course The painful pelvis aims to give an updated and functional understanding of the pelvis and of pelvic pain in relation to the whole body, the individual and the context we have created and live in. The course comprises three modules. Module 1 goes through various aspects of pain (culture & pain, neurophysiology of pain, myo/fascial pain and palpation) and must be taken before taking the assessment and treatment modules. Module 2 covers internal hands-on myo/fascial assessment and treatment, and module 3 focuses on external myo/fascial assessment and treatment.

Module 1: Pain, 1 day

Module 2: Internal assessment & treatment, 2 days

Module 3: External assessment & treatment, 2 days

It is recommended to take The Pivotal Pelvis and The Pelvic Pothole before The Painful Pelvis, to give a stronger base for understanding how to assess and treat.

pelvic explorations


For health- & movement professionals

A baseline for working with the pelvis is an understanding of its complexity combined with skilled palpation. Pelvic explorations will give you a new understanding of the pelvis. By combining hands-on dissection with palpation of the live pelvis, you will start to develop an understanding for what you are feeling that cannot be gained from looking at 2-dimensional anatomy books. We will critically discuss our preconceived ideas and theories about the pelvis and how we work with it.

NB The internal palpation part of the course is only for health professionals whose licence permits internal palpation and treatment.

3 days


course dates

pelvis copy.jpg

The Pivotal Pelvis

Nov 2019, Dubai UAE (tbc)

The Pelvic Pothole

Nov 2019, Dubai UAE (tbc)

The Painful Pelvis

30 Nov-1 Dec 2019, Stockholm Sweden (booking info coming soon!)

Pelvic Explorations

23-25 Aug 2019, Colorado USA, book here

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