When I first saw Jenny I had been bed-bound for several years due to severe pelvic pain caused by repeated fungal infections and years of unsuccessful and even harmful treatment, including surgery and heavy medication. Thanks to Jenny’s vast expertise, both theoretical and practical, after only a few months my pain had eased to the extent that I could go for short walks! Now, two years later, thanks to everything she has taught me, I continue to improve and on a good day I walk 10 000 steps! I used to tell her that she has magic hands since she always managed to find the exact right spots to massage. I was also impressed by her empathy and ability to see the patient as a whole, I always left her practice with less pain and a feeling of hope and joy. I love Jenny for all that she has done for me and for the outstanding person she is! You won’t find a better physiotherapist!
— Frida

The course on persistent pelvic pain contains everything you would expect if you are familiar with Jenny’s experience and knowledge. But there is more to the extensive knowledge and thorough teachings than meets the professional eye. Jenny creates a safe space for her students to attain experience, share knowledge and grow in confidence in an impressive speed. Reflections on pain physiology, cultural challenges, limitations of current research blended with experience is something rare to come about. I would highly recommend this course to anyone passionate about women health. No matter level of experience, you will have some major take aways.
Thank you Jenny for providing this space to learn, feel safe and gain knowledge from your passionate work.
— Mona, participant 'The Painful Pelvis'

I was in my early 40s when I found out that the chronic hip pain I’d be suffering from for two years was the result of hip dysplasia and a severely worn away joint. I had an arthroscopy to repair the joint. Although the operation was a relative success, I had very limited hip mobility afterwards, even with weekly physio. It was only when I saw Jenny and she worked on the deep pelvic muscles that I saw a significant improvement in my hip mobility. In just two sessions I was able to cross my legs – something I had not been able to do for over a year. No one, not even the surgeon, had considered treating me with the specific pelvic releases that Jenny has developed. Not only has she changed my hip mobility, she’s also lessened the pain and stiffness, increased my agility and improved my movement. Cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Gill

Jenny has a fantastic way of making each participant feel comfortable. This course has changed everything and at the same time it has strengthened and rooted my manual therapy generally! To take such a sensitive topic and make it completely natural!
— Participant, 'The Painful Pelvis'

Jenny combines amazing academic and technical expertise with a holistic approach. The results are dramatic. She improved my mobility and flexibility more than I thought was possible. Other physiotherapists improved my mobility temporarily. But Jenny’s holistic approach produced longterm results. She took the time to really learn about my history, treated me, and taught me how to keep myself fit and healthy. Jenny is more than a therapist, she is a healer.
— Fiona

WOW!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I want more! Hope to be able to take more courses with you!
— Rebecca, participant 'The Painful Pelvis'

Jenny is a miracle worker – she made parts of me move that have not moved for years!
— Marilyn

Jenny is the most perfect and wonderful health professional I have ever had the pleasure of consulting. I cannot find any reproach to make. I am always recommending her to friends and colleagues.
— Andrew

‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jenny Wickford, and we blindly recommend her to everyone. We are particularly impressed by Jenny’s ability of how she treats us, also by knowing where exactly the issue is. That skill often takes many years to develop among health care service professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her.

I was suffering from a severe and chronic back pain which I always thought and told that it’s the lower back part that needs to be treated. However, Jenny found out that it comes from other parts that are connected to the back through the muscle tissues and have efficiently helped me overcome this problem which was always stopping me from performing my daily activates the way I wanted it, now I can say it’s all perfect especially with the guidelines that I learned from Jenny in how to prevent future pain and issues in the same area, as well as what she taught me from a daily exercises that also helped me to keep my muscles always properly active and especially the critical effected part in my back.

My wife Kholoud had back pain and posture issues from working long hours on desk, and with the help of Jenny and her efficient sessions, I barely hear my wife complaints now about any back pain, Jenny also gave her may exercises to keep her back posture improving.

Jenny had always a busy schedule in her clinic where she worked, which made us always wait for an appointment because we and everyone we recommended only wants to see her if we have an issue, no matter what and how busy she is but Jenny always made sure everyone left painless with a big smile. As patients, Jenny earns our highest respect & recommendation.
— Yasser & Kholoud

Jenny became my physiotherapist in early 2014 after seeking a second opinion on an MRI scan in which the doctor diagnosed an L5 S1 black disk/ Degeneration Disk Disease (DDD) issue being the cause for excruciating lower back and right leg sciatica pain. The initial advice from my 1st doctor was a fusion of my lower vertebrates. Being in my late 20’s and living an active lifestyle I was immediately concerned with the remediation. Jenny performed a consultation and presented alternatives to relieve my pain, strengthen my body and mitigate future issues. Over the course of 8 weeks I went from being unable to walk or stand for long periods of time without chronic pain while taking regular pain medication, to getting back to a fully active lifestyle. By applying manual therapy and various stretching/ strengthening techniques, pain was almost eliminated. Mobility returned and with some slight maintenance on posture and flexibility I have been able to stay relatively free of pain. Jenny is a true professional, applying ‘new techniques’ with methodologies around the source of the problem and preventing future reoccurrence. I highly recommend her and still revert back to her over the years if I need advice on pain blips.
— Jordan

I realise it’s been a while but I just wanted to say thank you for treating me at the end of last year – you made a huge difference and I’m really grateful. I’ve been doing a bit of running since I saw you last and it feels so much better than before. … I can’t speak highly enough of your treatment and the difference you made 🙂.
— Iain